Halena Wilson Personal Trainer
CIMPSA Approved Personal Trainer

‘Health is a state of body; wellness is a state of mind’ and this is the mantra I live by. I am a CIMPSA approved Personal trainer, wife, mum & woman  – facing all the challenges that every other person faces when you’re balancing life in all its various roles and fitness – but I believe utterly that we can all live better lives – physically and mentally and manage to balance it – and that’s what I go out each day to help others do. I am particularly passionate about ensuring our children have a fit and healthy lifestyle to see them into a healthy and happy future  – as a mum of three I truly believe this is the most important gift we can give to our children and I specialise in working 1-21- with children of all ages.

I have a completely holistic and personalised approach to every single one of my clients and we work together to set goals for both physical and mental wellbeing – there is never a one size fits all approach. Everybody and every body is unique and needs to be treated as such.


  • Fat loss
  • Get Stronger
  • Improve Athletic Skills
  • Pre & Post Natal
  • Build Muscle
  • Improve Endurance/ Conditioning
  • Improve Joint Flexibility
  • Special Populations (obesity, diabetes, asthma and orthopaedic conditions)


  • YMCA Personal Trainer Diploma Level 3
  • Nutritional Advisor Level 3
  • Exercise Prescription for Pre & Post Natal Clients
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Advanced client assessment methods (static & dynamic posture)
  • Healthy & Fitness appraisal, lifestyle analysis & Stress Management
  • Advanced Flexibility methods
  • Joint assessments, muscle balance and postural correction
  • Fitness testing for power, muscular strength, endurance and flexibility
  • Special populations: Obesity, diabetes, asthma and orthopaedic conditions
  • Qualified First Aider


I’ve been having PT sessions

I’ve been having PT sessions with Halena since June – I was in such a rut with my body image after having my little boy 18 months ago and just couldn’t bring myself to go to the gym for fear of being laughed out the door because of my lack of fitness, lack of self motivation,love of cake and my mummy shelf as well as my ab separation from pregnancy which I couldn’t seem to be able to shift or fix. The 121 sessions with Halena have been a lifesaver for me – I feel fit for the first time, ever and I can feel and see my body changing into something that I am so much more proud of, I’ve also got more energy than I ever thought I’d have to run around with my toddler every day – making me a better mum. As a trainer I’ve found Halena to be the perfect balance – I’m a bit of a moaner and she doesn’t let me get away with it – but never pushes me beyond what my body is able to do and that balance is allowing me to progress so much quicker than I thought and do things I never thought I would, can’t thank her enough. She’s a star. Never thought I’d be able to use this hashtag but here goes…. #girlsthatlift boom!

Harriet Cooper
Halena Wilson

Great team

Great team -I get the workout I want, pushed enough and adaptable to every day life. I dread it but love it

Jo N
Halena Wilson

After having my second baby

After having my second baby I felt lost with exercise and nutrition and was desperate for someone to give me the motivation and guidance I needed. Then I found WilsonPT and I can definitely say Lee has changed that for me! I started with Lee just over two months ago at 6 months’ post-partum. Lee is very understanding and listens to the goals I have, as well as understanding life with little children to juggle too. Every personal training session is the challenge I want and need but also fun and rewarding. No two sessions are identical either which keeps me motivated. I always feel so good after a workout and its starts my week off awesome. Lee has helped me discover a whole new potential in my fitness and drives me to want to push myself more to be stronger and fitter every session. Lee’s positivity and encouragement, as well as a tonne of expertise, has been just what I needed and I’m loving the results. I’ve also been going to the Saturday morning HIIT class. Again, its super tough but the feeling afterwards is just the best! I’ve never enjoyed running or been good at it, but the mix of sprints and exercises is now the way I start my weekend and I find I really enjoy it. Everyone is so friendly and it’s a great class to be a part of. I’m about 2 and ½ months in and already see such a difference in my strength and body. I’ve also found it so good for me mentally as I really was in a bit of a foggy place post baby. This has given me so much clarity and feel I can tackle whatever my days throw at me because I have more energy and positivity. I also LOVE the App which comes as part of the package. Lee tailors great workouts that I can do at home to complement our 1-2-1 sessions. The nutritional and macro guidance has been invaluable in making this a whole lifestyle change and certainly not a ‘diet’. Can’t wait to keep going! 💪

April Hall
Lee Wilson

Boot Camp is one of the best things I could have done.

First tried Lee’s boot camp 10 days ago and it is one of the best things I could have done. Lee is so encouraging, the classes are for all ages and abilities, everyone is so friendly it makes the hour enjoyable. I have certainly felt the benefits after just four classes, will definitely be going ever week.

Caroline Barrett
Lee Wilson

I love Lees bootcamps!!

I love Lees bootcamps!! I have been going since the first ever boot camp back in January! Lee has contributed to me loosing 3 stone… and I feel great! HIIT is great for loosing weight and toning up and these bootcamps will give you a real workout… especially with those pesky sprinting intervals!

Lillie Forder-White
Lee Wilson

After joining the Saturday HIIT

After joining the Saturday HIIT sessions with Lee, Jenn and I quickly signed up to some additional weekly PT sessions. 6 months on and lee has transformed our physiques and fitness levels. The classes are great fun and very addictive and with Lees positivity, professionalism and experience everyone who I see at the class complements him as much as we do. If you want to get motivated to get fit and stay fit while enjoying yourself then this is for you!

David Gunter
Lee Wilson

Exceptional Personal Trainer

I started training with Lee nearly a year ago both in his regular classes and personal training sessions. He has given me absolutely top quality training through out and has been supportive not only in my physical training but encouraging a positive mental attitude after I was diagnosed with a return of prostate cancer. My physical fitness rapidly improved during my training programme. Lee has managed to train me to overcome the side effects of the cancer treatment, something that I would not have thought to be possible. This summer I rode a bicycle from Paris to St Petersburg, 2,212 miles, in 36 days and there is no doubt that his training strongly contributed to that achievement. Best of all, he has a knack of being encouraging and friendly through out a tough training session.

Lee Wilson

I hadn’t exercised in nearly 30 years

Well what can I say… I hadn’t exercised in nearly 30 years, but since going to Lee’s bootcamp every week since January, it has given me the confidence to start feeling good about myself. For someone who hated exercise, I secretly enjoy these classes even though I could possibly be one of Lees biggest challenges! Even though I’m usually the slowest and definitely the last at sprints ( still hate running) Everyone has always been supportive and encouraged me to carry on.

Kerry Frost
Lee Wilson

Helena has been so encouraging

Helena has been so encouraging at helping me meet my exercise goals. I can’t believe how far I have come on since starting with Wilson PT. Helena has been amazingly supportive and pushes me to my full potential. I would definitely recommend them if you are thinking of having some personal training session.

Laura Condron
Halena Wilson

Awesome amazing session

Awesome amazing session. Tried it for the 1st time this morning. loved it! I’m training for the Bournemouth Half Marathon. So wish I had started going to these classes months ago.

Davie Worsley

Great HIIT sessions

Great HIIT sessions You certainly know when you’ve had workout. Always encouraging during the classes and after.

Shaun H
Lee Wilson

Wilson PT have completely changed us

Wilson PT have completely changed our view on fitness. If someone had told me last year that I would be getting up at 7 on a Saturday morning in the depths of January to go out and do an hour of HIIT exercise in a field, I’d have told them to look for the flying pigs. Now it’s strange if we don’t go. We are both fitter, leaner, lighter and generally healthier. Both Lee and Halena work extremely hard for each of their clients, whether it be for the private PT sessions or the HIIT classes.

Stef Barter
Lee & Halena Wilson

Love Lee’s fitness classes!

Love Lee’s fitness classes! He is amazing, the classes are so enjoyable to attend with lots of lovely and very friendly people. I started going in March, once a week; I’m now going three times a week and look forward to it every time. Great for all ages and fitness levels – I’ve taken husband, kids, friends and they’ve all loved it (Ben thinks Lee is a genius – which he totally is) #harder #better #faster #stronger 💪 😍

Lucy Coombes
Lee Wilson

Lee’s HIIT training

Lee’s HIIT training is very effective. I attend his regular classes on the Fryer Field and am mid way through a 10 session personal training programme. I trained regularly before this so I am pleased and surprised how quickly he has been able to further improve my fitness both muscular and cardio. Recently I was cycling and walking at altitudes between 2k and 4.5k ft and it was clear to me that the training was paying off. The combination of group sessions plus individual training is first class.

Chris Yeo
Lee Wilson

Excellent Personal Trainer

I worked with Lee in the build-up to my Deca Triathlon Challenge (x10 Ironman distance).

Lee was very motivating and he has a great understanding in what you need to achieve your goals. The sessions were tough but fun and varied.

I would definitely recommend him to my friends and also work with him again in the future.

Claire Smith
Lee Wilson

Halena has restored my faith

Halena has restored my faith in getting fit and back into shape after recently having a baby. She has pushed me to my limits and beyond, each session we have had. Don’t be fooled by that pretty face- Helena works you hard for incredible results with absolutely amazing workouts!! I would not hesitate one bit in recommending her for anyone who wants to give it a go. I absolutely love her sessions (despite being absolutely exhausted after them). Girl power!!

Rosie Melville
Halena Wilson

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